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One of the most persuasive of the arguments put forward for the rapid expansion of information technology has been to present it as analogous to the evolution of a global brain, a brand new unprecedented neural network that can only be an advance on the old model globe humanity has inhabited for so long.  This is an interesting equation as far as it goes, but a suspicion remains that it doesn't go far enough.  The operation of the new neural network is seen mainly as an extension of existing powers and facilities, it is not acknowledged as an extension of collective conciousness.  It would undoubtedly be seen in some quarters as a great advantage if the bulk of humanity could be moulded into a conveniently mechanistic mass of conditioned consumers but we stubbornly refuse to oblige!

Likewise, certain interests would prefer it if the new planetary neural paths where to be limited to the conveyance of purely commercal traffic ,which is seen as the vital function of the global brain, and all that messy thought and artistry excluded!Yet again we decline to defer to the merely functional.  In fact if any recomendation can be put forward for the rapid proliferation of information technology it is that an opportunity now arises for the rapid evolution and deployment of radically different solutions to the common material and social tasks facing humanity.There is no immutable 'one way' of solving current problems, an immense diversity of vision and creativiy is available to us and the exchange and promulgation of solutions is the obvious first step towards their implementation.  That exchange is the crucial function of the worldwide facility now emerging into broader availability.  The implications of the contents of our exchanges,and equally the implications of the Imperial denials of choice are the subject matter that will exercise the writer of this page ...may a vast and wide ranging discussion ensue!




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