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One of the strongest experiences of living within such an area is a sense of intensified personal process or transformation, as if the landscape itself acts as an accumulator and accelerator of energy. Visitors to sacred sites often experience life-changing shifts of consciousness or awareness within a short time of their arrival. Perhaps not surprisingly those who decide to settle in such places, or who were born there, can eventually become quite immune or blase as the pervading mundane reality of supermarket shopping, earning a living, and ordinary life takes over.

For the casual visitor one of the easiest ways to spot a sacred site is by observing the locals. These will be of a definite 'alternative' persuasion, there will be gift shops selling metal dragons with crystals in their mouths, and nearly everyone will be a therapist. As there are always more of them than people who can afford the therapies the local economy will not be buoyant. People will have a lot more time, therefore, to talk, and conversations overheard in the local bakery, wholefood store or supermarket will cover topics that range from deep discussions on what everybody else is doing, to coming earth changes, to perceived ripples in the energy field and their likely provenance.

There are certain natural or human-made features that denote a sacred site. Some of the best known are sacred springs and holy wells. There are two kinds of water on the Earth. There is 'secondary water' which is recycled in the oceans, in the air, in our physical bodies and in the rivers, streams and the majority of wells. Then there is what is known as 'primary water' -surging up from deep in the earth and characterised by a high mineral content and maintaining a constant temperature and flow. One such holy well is the Chalice Well in Glastonbury flowing at a constant 52 degrees F and an unceasing 25,000 gallons a day. This type of well has sacred associations and is attributed with particular healing powers. There are many such healing wells.




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