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The television resonates, synchronizes and receives the signal by sending a subtle vibration of the same frequency, wavelength, waveform and amplitude. The system is organized in such a way that the stronger energy is visibly manifested on the screen when a state of synchronization is achieved.

This same thing applies to the radio and the Internet. Ikuro Adachi goes on to say that the Intuition and Inspiration of humans is, in fact, something similar to this.

The role of sacred sites is that of transformer of energies. The vital ingredient, in terms of planetary evolution, is human interaction with these energies. There are those of us whose frequency synchronizes with the frequencies of certain places at certain times who are ineluctably drawn to sacred sites and find our sense of well-being within them.

It is this gathering of sychronizing or like-minded individuals which is the sure indication of a sacred site. This amplified resonance linking up to the World Web in its widest sense, is how the leading edge of ideas and and change is creating global consciousness transformation.




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