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So here it's strictly 'no conferring' I'm on my own to understand what this place has to teach and why I have been so strongly drawn here.  And what I tune into, more and more strongly, is the fire in the earth, the volcanoes.  Since I got here I heard that the Boiling Lake is going to blow.  Perhaps in March or April.  At first we heard of a few tremors being felt in the South near Scott's Head.  A few days ago there were two articles in the local paper.  On around the 6th March 63 tremors were recorded in 13 hours.  On the 1st March I believe there were 97 in 24 hours.  The other article was about a simulation that will begin on 25th March to evacuate people from the South, particularly the area of Gran Bay.  French and British vessels are said to be on stand-by.  The paper reports the scientists as saying that an eruption is inevitable.

Normally, I think, I would have been on the next plane out if I found myself in such a situation.  And strangely, that'd exactly what I would be doing today, if I hadn't canceled that flight and re-booked for three weeks later.  So perhaps I'm flying in the face of Fate, willfully overriding the signals from my intuition which are telling me loud and clear that I don't feel good here, not at ease, not happy.  Or perhaps it has to do with not running away from fear, getting closer and closer to the heart of the matter and learning how to ride the wave feeling safe and connected.

Dominica is often rocked and shaken by great hurricanes, such as Hurricane David in 1987.  The possibility of a volcanic eruption seems remote for a lot of people, and those that feel it coming appear calm and unmoved by the thought.  And yet, tonight, out of the blue one of the beach boys said to me,  "I had this thought when I was walking along just now."  "What thought was that?"  "I could see clearly that the world is going to end!"  That was all.  His attention wandered and he started talking about something else.

It's late now.  A couple of radios playing nearby.  The crickets are doing their thing.  It's time to go to sleep.  Tomorrow is another day.  I hope.




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