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The long Winter months of unusually high rainfall, here in Australia, are now just beginning to transform themselves into the blue of Spring.  As Planet Earth hurtles towards the Millenium many people are aware of an accelerating sense of Change, an increasing sense of urgency to sort things out on a global and an individual level.
Here in Byronshire on the north east coast of New South Wales even the local Council is holding public meetings to address the implications of the Y2K event.  We are beginning to acknowledge the fact that the microchip time bomb might be the trigger we are all waiting for to transform the values of Society from hierarchical dependency into the heart politics of sustainable, caring communities.

This area, in and around Byronshire, is drawing in increasing numbers of free-thinking, tuned-in people who are attracted here by more than just long, beautiful beaches and great surf.   The central plug, the magnetic drawing power seems to emanate from Woolumbin, known as Mount Warning and is amplified by the great crater or ‘caldera’ formed by volcanic activity that ceased about 20 million years ago.  Here we have a vibrant, fertile environment in which to sow the seeds of the New Millenium.

Inspired information on the Net a couple of months ago suggested that the solar eclipse and the grand cross on August 11th marked the beginning of a 29 day period terminating on September 9th in which to set the tone for the new ‘game’ and the twelve years of transition to come leading up to the Mayan calendar end-date.   The key phrase to remember is ‘Allow the best to come to you’.

With all this in mind, I have been in Australia now for five months and have been preoccupied with finding a piece of land, somewhere to live for the next few years or so. As I looked at places I began refining in my own understanding what it was that I was looking for and the purpose of such a place.   Because I feel that we have choices about the future I am choosing to find a place that inspires, sustains and nurtures all who come there.

On this global and amorphous network of those who choose a positive future and an end to the monstrosities with which we live today, I see the need for focal or node points where information, practical help, inspiration and spiritual connectedness are accessible to those who need it.




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