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As I visited properties for sale I started to be aware how vital the inspirational aspect of the land is to me, and how important rock is in the grand scheme of things.  The first place that really grabbed me had a magnificent view of Mt. Warning, was high up and had a lot of sky.  This balance between grass, trees, water, rock and sky became the yardstick on my search.  I wasn’t looking for ancient, sacred ceremonial land, the sort of land that holds all of the above and was never ‘intended’ for human settlement, but land where the sacredness of the elements themselves is harmoniously and lovingly configured.

It was only when I started to come across this sort of landscape, up in the hills, in the hinterlands, that a sense of the purpose of such a place began to develop: to work with beauty and loveliness in creating an environment and lifestyle of the right vibrational frequency to see us through these years of transition.

These feel like the end times to me and I don’t want to wait and watch them get worse before I start creating and living the new paradigm.  That there is one I have no doubt.  Sometimes I get alarmed at the complacency of the human race, particularly when lifestyle issues are being addressed.  Many are afraid of change, much prefering to cling to the old and outworn than risking entering into a void for an unforseeable amount of time.

As I write this I still have not finalised this search.  I’ve seen 50 lovely acres with mountain views and the sweet scent of night-flowering jasmine wafting onto the verandas, but I still don’t know if it really is going to be for sale.  I am so looking forward to being on the land and starting to bring into being some of the wonderful ideas that we’ve been hatching that I find it difficult to focus on anything else.  Every day I wait for news.  Today I’ll be going over there again to dream and plan a little more, and who knows…maybe today will be the day!




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