A web designer and musician , Laurence is also the editor and designer
of this website.  Currently living in the Glastonbury area but known to
favour the warmer climate and somewhat milder climate and wild
countryside of Southern France where he lived for some years.
Alexis's bio is somewhere, I just can't find it at the moment...
Jim Blackburn studied sculpture and has explored structure through
conservation and restoration of ancient monuments amd stone buildings.
He is now working with timber framed structures in orderto create beautiful,
healthy, inexpensive homes in the timeless way.
After an education in Life sciences, followed by teaching, I have spent
twenty five years investigating the principles underlying the design of
buildings, from the earliest known structures to modern buildings. In the
course of this study I have developed a system of cosmic geometry based on
musical proportion and the atomic structure of crystals.

This work, based on the translation of parts of the Hebrew text of the old
Testament, from Genesis to the Song of Songs, uses the fact that Hebrew letters
also serve as numbers, so that any word or phrase in Hebrew has a numerical value.
By applying this to the text I show that there is a code running right through the
text and this reveals that the Bible is primarily neither a tribal history, nor a moral
code, but that it contains the Secret of Life and the whole creative process by which
energy is converted into three dimensional form. .