Being the editor of this site I thought I would set out how I see it all.

As I have already recounted on the "about" page, the name 'Sacred Sites' came about while looking for a domain name to include "The White Spring" and other sites and once we had created the domain it just sat there containing the other sites, but feeling as though it needed an identity of it's own.

And so I had the idea of creating an online magazine. This idea was however an idea that already existed in my mind which hadn't yet found a way of manifesting.  As I am very interested in Sacred Geometry and subjects relating to the design and energetic characteristics of our homes and environment, I felt that it was reasonable to bring these things together under the heading of "Sacred Sites".

The traditional interpretation of this concept may bring up images of Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey or perhaps Old Trafford even, depending on your ideas or beliefs. But this does seem to imply that sacredness can only be found in such places, and in a world that builds "houses" without any apparent regard for the energies of the buildings themselves or the surrounding environment, we seem to be concreting the attitude that sacredness is created or experienced outside of ourselves.   Personally I would like to see things going in the opposite direction and this is where the focus of the site is going.

In this country (UK) the issue of building and space is as fascinating as it is scandalous.   Choice is extremely limited for the majority of people and consequently we live in varying degrees of compromise while paying a high percentage of our earnings for the privilege. A sense of sacredness, which we should be able to experience and express in and outside our own homes is instead minimized and constricted by economics, greed and rigorous planning attitudes.

Determined people find ways around this by buying land and building their own structures, although they often find themselves locked in very long battles with local authorities which can serve to undermine the benefits gained.

So with some of these issues in mind, I look forward to travelling down this particular road and discovering and sharing all sorts of ideas and inspirations to help us all be able to bring more sacredness into our lives...and the world perhaps.


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