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If you read the overview you will discover that the roots of the idea that lurks behind this site are not necessarily what might have come into your mind when you see the title for the first time.  "Sacred" is an extremely evocative word with little guarantee of consensus or perhaps even meaningful definition.  It can also bring with it spiritual and religious connotations and these terms themselves engender an even wider spectrum of interpretation.

I myself have struggled with this somewhat as the idea of representing a concept that has such different meanings and expressions for everyone is ambitious to say the least. But then perhaps that is just the point.  The world has had so many years of patriarchal behaviour where interpretations of spiritual reality are prescribed by higher authorities. It has not been up to the individual to find and celebrate their own relationship with their own spirit, but rather their obligation to subscribe to someone elses interpretation often under threat of punishment or even death if they don't.

Well, the times they are a changin'...and at least in the Western world religion appears to be being replaced with brand names leaving us free at last to start having a personal and I think infinitely more meaningful relationship with what was after all inside us all along.   I am aware that this process is still unfolding.  Insecurity seems to be built into the very fabric of our society and may well be a result of peoples confusion about their true relationship to the spirit as a result of giving their power to people who know nothing of their real needs.   It may take some time to completely eradicate this and I hope that discussion on this will help the process along.

My view is that "Sacredness" is a personal thing and as we are all unique expressions of the spirit so we all have unique angles and interpretations of "Sacredness".  I feel that sharing rather than comparing, can only serve to broaden our own appreciation and understanding of the Universe.

My own view of a Sacred Site is that it is a place where Spirit and Material can meet.  A structure that exists in the visible world but allows perception of the invisible and may facilitate spiritual, divine, or creative energy to manifest and transform.  One image that comes to my mind is the Magician from the Waite Tarot. As above so below..

Where and how this happens however is another question.  I myself would like to get away from notions of sacredness as something you only experience on Sundays or at very special spots on the earth.   While I would agree that places like Stonehenge or Macu Piccu and even Sundays are unique and powerful, I also think that Sacredness is something we have to build into the fabric of how we live.  The contrast that I can now see between unfettered ugliness and vanishing beauty shows me just how important it is to redesign everything from the ground up.  Somewhere it seems, Sacredness went one way and material went another and the consequences are becoming ever more obvious.





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