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With some of these ideas in mind I have started to look at how this website might expand and facilitate the sharing of "excellent" ideas and information on the subject of how we build "sacred sites" into all the structures that we use.

I think there is a very delicate balance between our personal and shared views and I would like to discuss and expand particularly on this topic first as I feel it is a crucial element in the construction of a successful model to work with.

Living in Glastonbury has been a very transformative experience for me on this level.  When I first came here I had accumulated a lot of assumptions about people who I identified with and how we shared this and that view.

Just as an example, I was involved in a discussion with Jim Blackburn, (one of our resident contributors), the other day about the application of the principles of geometry and proportion to the spaces that we live in.  Jim is a constructor and designer, of timber frame buildings, and I have a keen interest in geometry.  We agreed that spaces/rooms could be far better for you and much more creative, interesting, calming if they were designed to be so.  This on it's own is a vast and fascinating subject covering everything from the resonance/vibrational qualities of shape and proportion to the siting and orientation of buildings in the environment and perhaps even the interfacing with natural phenomena, such as the sun and moon..

Equally, the manner in which a building is lit and heated is important to how it "feels" and so ultimately all subjects are up for discussion.  Music, art, communication, economics, work, gardening!!

I am working on the new section at the moment and will use the above example as a starting point.

Though this issue is a "bit" behind schedule there is some material still on it's way for this issue.  I have deliberately not advertised the magazine and kept contributions to a minimum as I am only too well aware from other websites that I administer just how much work is actually involved.  So I felt it was prudent to get the design issues, format and direction sorted out before I started any meaningful expansion.

The new areas of expansion will also create a non periodical section which can be added to and interacted with all the time.

Due to the upcoming refurbishment situation and the vacational nature of the summer months, for those of us in England, I feel that September(17th) is the obvious deadline for articles for the next issue. And so it is!





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