Editorial number 4 seems to have gone missing!...Since it was written Sacred sites has moved servers and pc's a number of times and now as I find myself reconstructing it all yet again and checking all the pages for missing files etc I find this piece missing. So, though the original was written some 7 years ago now I feel I ought to put something here even though it is 2005!
I will search for an archived copy, must have one on an old backup CD somewhere...

Issue 4 was the last in the series of magazines back then. Don't know what happened, I think it was a good idea but I just had too many other things going on at the time. But now, the magazine idea has resurfaced again and though it may take a different shape and there will be another editor, the ideas surfacing for it at the moment are quite good.

I will still be involved on the technical side but will feel happier being a contributor rather then an editor.




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