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Stan Tenen, founder of the Meru Society, San Anselmo, California, USA, realised that a 2x2x2 cube, such as the in Figure 1, contains 27 points, one for each letter in the Hebrew Alephbayt (Alphabet). He developed a Base 3 code using the three axes of the cube.
I have developed the Alephbaytic cube in a different way: the letters of the Alephbayt also serve as numbers, since Hebrew, like Greek, does not have seperate symbols for numbers. The number of each letter is shown in Figure 1. These numbers are divided into three groups: 1 to 9 (Aleph to Tayt), 10 to 90 (Yod to Tsadde) and 100 to 900 (Qof to Final Tsadde), the three enneads. These occur in the cube in three parallel, vertical planes, which are shown in Figure 2.

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