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The whole cube consists of eight modules, of which one is shown. Its sides have a length of 1, so that the length of the sides of the whole cube is 2. The sides of the module have diagonals whose length is sq.root2, which is 1.414. The internal diagonal of the module, between diagonally opposite corners, is sq.root 3, which is 1.735.
Each word is shown in a different colour.

Figure 3 shows a number of Hebrew words placed in the Alephbaytic cube. Each word is shown in a different colour, with it's letters linked, in the order in which they occur, so that, for example, Abraham: Aleph Bayt, Raish, Final Mem, is shown by a pink line joining these letters together.

     Abraham  1 : 2 : square root 2
     altar  square root 2 : sqare root 5 : 2
     bells  1 : 1 : :
      Yaweh   : 1

This shows the way in which key words in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament are coded references to specific proportional relationships in the three dimensional wordland, and shows how the creative process gives rise to a universe based on harmonious proportions.

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