All the Earth is Sacred,

With Every Step We Take


So the chant goes,
and, of course, it is true.

There are places    

where it is easier to percieve

the Spirit

    than others.
  it might be easier to feel at one  
    with the One.

It's the Nature of Sacred Space.

  It might be easier  
  To feel at one with the One  
  in Avebury Stone Ring  

than, say,

in Hell's Kitchen;
  or in Mesa Verde  

than in Times Square.


So, there are places on this Earth

Where Spirit is concentrated.

?Where it's "more sacred"?

The weird thing about this concentration

is that everyone who goes there sees Spirit differently.

Some encounter Spirit

and see Jesus

Others see Mohammed,


or Cerridwen.

Then there's the Little People

and Manitou.


Dowsers are the same. . .

  No two dowsers,    
  even if they had the same teacher,    
    Find the same thing  
      When dowsing in sacred space.


Some find energy leys and domes of water,

others find Curry and Hartmann Grids,

then there's Michael and Mary Lines,

and Aquastats and Track lines,

not to mention "energy lines"

and Maltese Crosses.

The list goes on and on.


So, why does everyone see it differently?     I think it has something to do with  

The level of consciousness of the individual,


His/her set of expectations, and

What s/he's ready to "see."        


Hmm. . . Who decides that last one - what we're ready to see?


Maybe it is Spirit.

Not some dumb energy with no consciousness.

But the Energy of Spirit with total eternal consciousness.

Maybe it is the Spirit of the Place

who decides what we see.

Sig Lonegren is an author, teacher, geomancer, and grandfather. He has studied the Earth Mysteries since the early seventies, getting a Masters Degree in "Sacred Space," running a school in the Construction and Uses of Sacred Space, building a geomantic website and writing four books on labyrinths and dowsing. He lives with his partner, Karin Schluter, in Glastonbury, England.




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